alright, I'm working on getting the basics set up.

character creation:
15 point buy
level one
core races are a go, ask about anything else
all non-occult classes are a go, ask about occult classes
no third party stuff

house rules:
I am going to be fleshing out Hero Points a bit, they will
actually have a larger impact on game-play
i will be using the rules for overclocked spellcasting and
esoteric spell components.
i will be using the Wound and Vigor rules. this means that
you will not have hit points
i am planning on using the E6 rules. this means that after
level six you will stop leveling up normally, and will instead
be using a more customizable/dynamic power-up system.
(these upgrades are also more consistent, possibly even
getting more than one per session)

Alrighty, i think that's most of it, questions? comments? concerns?



make it 20 point buy

i will be making a custom item for each character, so be thinking of what exactly you would want

Tales of Thornkeep

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